A Message to My American Friends

4 11 2008

As you all know, today is Election Day in the United States.  This is not a political website – although I do have strong opinions on the subject, this is intended to be a forum to share recipes and food information, not espouse my political views. However, I encourage all Americans to vote today no matter what your political affiliation.  

For those of you, like myself, who will be watching the results this evening, there have been a number of articles recently about what to eat and drink in honor of the election and the candidates.  Here are a few great ideas:





And of course, don’t forget champagne,  to celebrate if the candidate of your choice wins (or drown your sorrows should he lose).  

In case you need further incentive to get out to vote, you may also be able to score some free food. Companies such as Starbucks to Ben and Jerry’s will be offering freebies to voters so visit Epicurious.com to find out more details.

Bon Appétit and don’t forget to vote!!


Fresh blueberries and strawberries make an attractive flag cake

Fresh blueberries and strawberries make an attractive flag cake

Spiced Apple Walnut Bread

2 11 2008

Now that Halloween is over, perhaps you’re looking for something that is delicious and comforting but not too decadent as you’re feeling remorse from over-indulging while getting into the holiday spirit (or eating too much candy that was left over from trick-or-treaters, as was the case in my house).  Never fear – my latest recipe for Suite101.com is a Spiced Apple Walnut Bread that tastes great but is made with oats, whole-wheat flour and applesauce instead of tons of oil.  It’s the perfect treat to make for a simple November breakfast.

Spiced Apple Walnut Bread


Spiced Apple Walnut Bread with apple slices

Spiced Apple Walnut Bread with apple slices

Bon Appétit and Enjoy!