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25 11 2009

Hello there!
I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I really enjoy your posts.
I also have a seasonal foods blog, though I put more emphasis on its green aspects. I was wondering if you would be willing to put a link to my blog on yours? My blog can be found at

Keep the great posts coming!

Dahlia ChanTang

19 04 2010

Is there any way that you can prepare radishes for deepfreeze for later use

19 04 2010

Hi Gwen,

Because of the high water content of radishes, the texture will change when frozen so it’s not the best way to preserve them but it can be done. You can find some tips for prepping them for freezing here:

I hope that helps!


22 06 2010
Joan Sonntag

Hi, Trish,

I am requesting to link your recipes to our fresh produce on our Web site:

Your name and recipe will appear at the bottom of the produce item and when clicked on, will bring up your yummy blog!

Am looking forward to hearing from you,
Joan Sonntag
Specialty Produce
San Diego, CA

5 03 2012

I was also surprised to hear that Artichokes are grown in Ontario. Do you know what store sells them ? I live in Stratford and haven’t seen any for a while..Regards, Laura

14 03 2012

Hi Laura,

Ontario artichokes are usually only available toward the end of summer. I’ve seen them at farmers’ markets and the produce shop in the basement of St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. I hope that helps!

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