Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

13 10 2008


My Thanksgiving turkey - 2008

My Thanksgiving turkey - 2008

To all my Canadian friends and family – Happy Thanksgiving!  I prepared a big feast yesterday for my husband Allan, his brother Dan, Dan’s wife Jenn and my mother-in-law Joyce.  I used it as an opportunity to experiment with a few recipe ideas I’ve had (most of which worked out well, which I’m sure was a relief for everyone!).  We had turkey, of course, as well as mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn scallop, butternut squash gratin, lemon green beans, pumpkin pie and an apple caramel tart. We paired the meal with some Ontario wines, including the 2007 Twisted from Flatrock Cellars in the Niagara wine region and a By Chadsey’s Cairns riesling from Prince Edward County.  Dessert was accompanied by an iced apple cider from County Cider in Waupoos.  


The view from Flatrock Cellars, Jordan, Ontario - October 11, 2008

The view from Flatrock Cellars, Jordan, Ontario - October 11, 2008

I will be posting some of the recipes in coming days, with the exception of the butternut squash gratin, which requires further testing.  It tasted ok, but had some texture issues so it will go back to the drawing board (or kitchen, as it so happens). Many thanks to Jenn for her assistance in the kitchen yesterday and to everyone else for being a good sport and putting up with my culinary experiments!  

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, including great friends and family so it’s nice to take the time to stop and reflect upon that.

Ciao, best wishes and bon appetit!





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14 10 2008

Thank you for letting me help! Dinner was fabulous! I look forward to making some of your recipes on my own 🙂

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