Perfect Mashed Potatoes

10 02 2009


Mashed potatoes are one of my favourite comfort foods.  Creamy russet potatoes mixed with cream and butter – what’s not to like?  They are very versatile as an accompaniment to classic winter dishes such as braises, stews, roast beef, shepherd’s pie, meat loaf, gravy and roast chicken.  Potatoes are available year round and can be stored throughout the winter.  They are also very inexpensive so they can stretch your food budget a long way.

I recently published an article for Suite 101 on how to make perfect mashed potatoes.  The recipe calls quite a bit of cream and butter (it’s for ‘perfect’ potatoes, not low-fat ones!) but you can always cut back on the butter and use lower fat milk or evaporated milk in place of the cream.  They won’t be quite as good but they’ll still be pretty tasty if you follow the technique and season them properly.

Click here for the Suite 101 article: How to Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes.  Serve with your favourite hearty winter dishes, such as Braised Short Ribs.

Bon Appetit and Enjoy!


Creamy mashed potatoes with a pat of butter

Creamy mashed potatoes with a pat of butter




2 responses

10 02 2009
Schokoladen Blog

It sound so yummy it will be….i think i too have to prepare the same…

10 02 2009

Love the photo .. looks delicious .. Laila ..

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