Farmer’s Markets – Summer 2009

19 05 2009

Seattle Farmers Market

It’s farmer’s market season again!  Within the next two to three weeks, most seasonal farmer’s markets in North America will open for the summer.  In many areas there’s not a lot available yet but soon the stalls will be overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Cookbook author Anita Stewart has compiled a list of the top Canadian farmer’s in this month’s Canadian Geographic magazine. Her picks include the Halifax Farmer’s Market, Saskatoon Farmer’s Market and Trout Lake Farmer’s Market in Vancouver. Click here to read the article in its entirety: Top Ten Canadian Farmer’s Markets.

In the United States, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and St. Paul’s Farmer’s Market in Minnesota are just two great examples of what shoppers can expect at local markets. Read more about America’s Best Farmer’s Markets at

Of course these lists are very subjective so take them with a grain of salt if your favourite market isn’t mentioned.  To find a list of markets in your area, a quick Google search should point you in the right direction (this site gets hits from readers around the world so unfortunately I couldn’t begin to list all the resources for every area).  As more people become interested in eating local and seasonal foods, farmer’s markets will continue to grow and flourish, which benefits us all.  It’s a great alternative to shopping strictly at supermarkets and big box stores and the whole family can get involved.

To get the most out of your farmer’s market experience, check out a recent article I wrote for Suite How to Shop at a Farmer’s Market.  I offer some suggestions for enjoying your time at the market and making the experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

Be sure to check back throughout June, July and August for regular market reports about what is in season plus tips and recipes to make the most of summer’s bounty.

See you at the markets this summer!





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