Coming Soon…

9 01 2010

Happy New Year to everyone!  We’re only nine days into the year and I’ve already been sick, gotten stranded on vacation due to bad weather and had my basement floor ripped up to replace a drain pipe.  However, despite these minor set backs, I’m excited about 2010 and all of the great ideas I hope to bring you this year.  Some of the things I’m working on for January and February include:

  • Great recipe ideas using winter produce
  • More discussions of restaurants featuring local, seasonal menus
  • An update to ‘My Reading List‘, featuring my favourite cookbooks and websites from the past year
  • Menu suggestions for cold weather feasts
  • Trip reports from my various travels

So stay tuned and check back often for new material (once I’m back on my feet, with both my health and the plumbing situation in my basement!).






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