Welcome to Summer!

21 06 2010

Summer produce should be hitting its peak within a few weeks.

Today is the first day of summer, which is always exciting.  Kids are almost finished school for the year and the weather is heating up.  Farmer’s markets are underway for the season, although it will likely be a few weeks until they hit their peak (lots of strawberries and asparagus right now though).  It was a busy spring – I had guests visiting, made a couple of trips to Montreal and my husband was stuck in Vancouver on business for a lengthy stretch.  Summer is a time when we can (hopefully!) relax a little and keep cooking and entertaining simple.

I hosted a casual brunch for ten last weekend and chose a menu inspired by what’s in season.  Many of the components can be made in advance and warmed as guests arrive.  I served everything buffet-style, which allowed everyone to take what they wanted and kept things informal and relaxed.  Here is what I served:

Early Summer Brunch Menu

Cherry Almond Bread

Asparagus Quiche

Ham and Cheese Tart (I left out the leeks and added some finely diced onion)

Green Salad with Basic Vinaigrette

A cheese plate, composed of local cheeses and garnished with fresh grapes

Bagels with cream cheese (Chive Cream Cheese topped with smoked salmon is a nice variation)

Sliced Montreal Smoked Meat

Build-Your-Own Strawberry Shortcakes



A special thanks to my mom for helping with all of the preparation and cleanup!

I’ll be starting my annual Farmer’s Market Reports later this week so check back for some great recipe ideas for what’s in season.

Bon Appétit!





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