The Friday Five – October 8th, 2010

8 10 2010

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1. I once saw a $50 watermelon (yes, really) at an upscale grocer in Toronto.  It was square.  It was the most expensive piece of produce I’ve ever seen.  Slate goes shopping at Whole Foods (a.k.a. ‘Whole Paycheck’) to shop for the most expensive dinner they can. (Toronto Star,

2. Some very bold criminals stole an entire year’s worth of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from a grower in France.  The grapes were worth about $20,000 USD. (

3. Artist Mike Lahue has made a bust of actor Kevin Bacon out of bacon.  Now I’d like to see what he can do for Jon Hamm… (Gizmodo)

4. For those celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, the National Post provides some tips for carving the turkey.  It could help you avoid a situation like this: When Father Carves the Duck. (National Post, courtingdisaster)

5. Apparently Spaghetti Tacos have become popular with kids after a character on the popular children’s show iCarly made them. Could this be the new direction of fusion food? (New York Times)

Have a great weekend (and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!)

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