The Friday Five – October 15th, 2010

15 10 2010

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1. Do you sear your meat to ‘seal in the juices’?  Afraid to salt beans while they’re cooking because they’ll be tough? Serious Eats debunks six of the most common food myths. (Serious Eats)

2. Can’t decide on a Halloween costume?  Chow has a few ideas for dressing as your favourite food celebrity. (

3. If you rely on on-line, user-generated review sites to get the inside scoop on the restaurant scene, you may want to take their advice with a grain of salt. (Globe and Mail)

4. The elusive McRib is coming back to some McDonald’s locations.  It has a cult-like following (there was even a Simpson’s episode about it) but is the appeal its taste or is it marketing genius? (National Post, wikipedia)

5. Despite being a healthier alternative, I’ve never been a big fan of whole-wheat pasta (I sometimes think it would be tastier to eat the box it came in).  However, some pasta makers are hoping to change that. (New York Times)

Have a great weekend!

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