The Friday Five – October 22nd, 2010

22 10 2010

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1. Have you ever wondered what a McDonald’s Happy Meal would look like if you let it sit at room temperature for six months? Wonder no more… (Eatocracy)

2. Perhaps we’ll all be able to stay as well-preserved as a Happy Meal: rumours of an anti-aging ice cream circulated this week but it’s bound to be too good to be true… (Huffington Post)

3. Apparently some schools are hoping that red celery will get kids interested in trying fresh vegetables. (Yahoo)

4. One of the stranger things I’ve seen this week is an ad for a British organic dairy, featuring rapping farmers.  It looks like something from an SNL Digital Short. (New York Times, Wikipedia)

5. The much discussed Double Down from KFC has finally arrived in Canada.  Get it while you can because it may not be around for long. (Globe and Mail, National Post)

Have a great weekend!

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