The Friday Five – March 11, 2011

11 03 2011

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1.  Apparently the customer isn’t always right: The New York Times reports on restauranteurs who refuse to cater to customers’ requests for things like take-out espresso, ketchup on french fries and toasted bagels. (NYT)

2.  Have you ever had a dream about food?  The Dream Mood dictionary gives interpretations for a variety of food-related dreams, from abalone to whiskey. Or it could just mean you ate too much before bed… (The Daily Meal)

3.  I think onions are a crucial ingredient for adding flavour to a lot of dishes. However, some criminals from Queens have found a new use for them: torturing their victims by sticking their head in a bag of cut up onions until they give up their money or drugs. (NY Daily News)

4.  The recently released cookbook ‘Modernist Cuisine’ has been called a “game-changer” for chefs. It comprises six volumes totaling over 2,400 pages, weighs 49 pounds and costs $625 (USD).  Judging by the (rather ridiculous) burger recipe, this isn’t exactly a starter book for nervous new cooks. (, Eater National)

5.  Lent has just started and many people give up something for the 40 days leading up to Easter. Apparently a man in Iowa has decided to give up all food and drink – except for beer.  He is planning to consume only water and four pints of beer a day until Easter to re-create the way Franciscan monks marked Lent centuries ago – or at least that’s what he told he wife and pastor. (

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to ‘Spring Ahead’ this weekend by moving your clocks forward by one hour Saturday night!

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