The Friday Five – April 29th, 2011

29 04 2011

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1.  If you sold that punch bowl you got as a wedding gift at the last neighbourhood yard sale you might regret it: apparently punch is making a comeback. (

2.  Millions (billions?) of people around the world watched today as Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. The royal festivities will likely go on through the night, ending with Prince Harry’s “Survivor’s Breakfast”: a meal of traditional English fry-ups and bacon sandwiches. (Yahoo)

3.  Have you ever had trouble finding a recipe you needed just as you were about to start cooking? Then you will probably enjoy the convenience of having an omelet recipe already printed on your egg.  (Slashfood)

4.  Social media shows no sign of slowing down. If you’re interested in adding to your list of people to ‘follow’, check out this list of 10 Most Followed Food Critics on Twitter. (The Daily Meal).

5.  April 30th is Tax Day in Canada. To ease the pain, why not mix up cocktail or two? The Taxman contains blood orange juice, gin, vermouth and of course, bitters. (Toronto Star).

As a final note, my thoughts are with the people in the Southern United States who have experienced devastating storms over the past few days. If you are interested in helping out, check out some of these links to various aid groups and charities.

Have a great weekend!

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