The Friday Five – October 1st, 2010

1 10 2010

Starting today, each Friday I will be featuring links to five food and drink related articles from the past week which may be of interest to you. Enjoy!

1. For fans of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show, apparently he will be filming an upcoming episode in Toronto.  Some discussion has ensued about where people think he should go. (Toronto Life, Chowhound)

2. A year after they ceased publication, Gourmet magazine is back!  Sort of… (

3. How clean is your kitchen?  According to the New York Times, it’s probably not as clean as you’d think. (New York Times)

4. Interested in going back to school but can’t decide what to study?  Italy’s Gelato University sounds like it would be fun (although the dreaded ‘Freshman Fifteen’ might be a problem). (Los Angeles Times)

5. A brewer in Belgium has started producing a line of beer brewed by the light of a full moon.  Apparently it speeds up the fermentation process.  Who knew? (The Montreal Gazette)

Bon Appétit and Have a Great Weekend!


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