The Friday Five – November 26th, 2010

26 11 2010

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1.  Be careful when ordering one of these 15 Most Misleading Dishes – you may not be getting what you think (hint: Rocky Mountain Oysters are NOT seafood). (The Daily Meal)

2.  “Cookie Enthusiast” Cookie Monster has made an audition tape for Saturday Night Live. (

3.  Has holiday entertaining left your kitchen in a mess?  Solve the most common kitchen cleaning conundrums with these helpful tips. (Real Simple)

4.  If you’ve been craving a McRib but your local McDonald’s isn’t selling it, have no worries – Saveur has come up with a version that you can make at home. (Saveur)

5.  Holidays are the busiest time of year for travel and inevitably some of us will be stuck eating at an airport during a layover.Serious Eats has a handy guide to where we can find something a little better than some of the grim offerings that many airport ‘restaurants’ serve. (Serious Eats).

Have a great weekend!

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