The Friday Five – December 3rd, 2010

3 12 2010

A weekly round up food and drink-related news stories:

1.  A mystery recently unfolded in Brooklyn: Honey bees and their combs were turning bright red. It turns out that bees like junk food too. (NYT)

2.  The next time I’m staring into my closet complaining that I have nothing to wear, perhaps I’ll head to the fridge and whip up an edible outfit like these amazing works by Yeonju Sung (of course, mine wouldn’t be as nice). (

3.  If you know an adult who will only eat french fries or foods that are brown, they might not be boring, they may have Selective Eating Disorder. (msnbc)

4.  Would you pay $526 for a Christmas pudding made by one of the world’s top chefs?  I might – if it was made of solid gold. (Toronto Star)

5.  A company in British Columbia has developed an apple that won’t turn brown after it’s been cut.  Critics are calling it a ‘frankenapple’ and ‘botox apple’.  Yum… (

Have a great weekend!

The Friday Five will return on December 17th.

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