The Friday Five – March 18th, 2011

18 03 2011

The week is almost over so celebrate the weekend by rocking out to the latest viral hit (and one of the worst songs ever written): Friday!

1.  Do you remember the Seinfeld episode about muffin tops?  Apparently someone got the bright idea that people might want to make them at home and invented the Muffin Top Baking Pan.  Check out more of the Daily Meal’s 10 Food and Drink Inventions We Didn’t Need.  Tater Mitts, anyone? (Wikipedia, The Daily Meal)

2.  Bartender Sheldon Wiley recently won the Guinness world record title as the Fastest Bartender in the World by making 1,043 drinks in an hour.  I’ll be thinking of him the next time I’m stuck waiting forever for the bartender to make me a single cocktail. (

3.  Apparently an extended NFL lockout has more than football fans upset: the chicken wing industry is very concerned that it will be devastating to them because a large percentage of their sales occurs during games.  Although I bet chickens are happy about it… (Yahoo UK).

4.  If you’ve never had (or heard of) cherimoya, you might soon: the delicious fruit has been touted as “the next banana”.  However, researchers first have to figure out how to grow seedless versions in a commercial capacity. (LA Times)

5.  Do you have a waffle iron you rarely use?  An ice cream maker that’s collecting dust?  Get some ideas for new ways to use them from Real Simple: Repurpose Rarely Used Appliances. (Real Simple)

On a serious note: Like everyone, I have been following news of the horrible devastation in Japan following last week’s earthquake and tsunami.  If you’d like to help, you can visit your nation’s Red Cross website to make a donation: Canadian Red Cross / American Red Cross / British Red Cross.  For people living in the Toronto area, a benefit dinner to aid the victims will be held on Sunday, March 27th at Boehmer restaurant.  The dinner features some of Toronto’s top chefs so book early. For more information, visit Support for Japan.

Have great weekend!

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21 03 2011
Karen Snider

Hi – I work for the Canadian Red Cross. Just dropping you a quick line to say thank you for including links to our site and info on TO area fundraisers. Please do stay connected with us! We’re on Twitter @redcrosscanada and @redcrosstalk and on
Thanks again,

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